verónica lehner

verónica lehner, veronica lehner, cámara de comercio bogotá, camara de comercio de bogotaInstallation for Topografías de Archipiélago at the CCB Chapinero in Bogotá, curated by Claudia Segura.

Iron frames and glass revolving door
200 x 440 x 200 cm

Def.: In geometry, coaxial means that two or more three-dimensional linear forms share a common axis.

This site-specific piece is based on the architectural designs commonly used for banks and business buildings as is the revolving glass door. This passage-like structure however stands freely in the middle of the inner patio of the Cámara de Comercio of Chapinero, like an island. Sometimes mirroring the rest of the exhibition and place, sometimes acting as a screen through which the other side is perceived, it acts as a medium and creates an image or landscape. Fluxes and currents charged with information continuously go through this passageway but fail to be fixed, remaining transitory.